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“This Is What Barcelona Has To Pay” – Barcelona Has Been Informed The Price They Need To Pay For Joao Felix

Barcelona Has Been Informed The Price They Need To Pay For Joao Felix: In a surprising turn of events, Joao Felix, the talented forward from Atletico Madrid, has expressed a desire to play for Barcelona. This revelation quickly triggered a flurry of rumours across Spain. Speculation is rife that Atletico Madrid are open to allowing Felix to make his dream move ahead of the upcoming season.

Indeed, MARCA‘s recent report suggests that Atleti could consider a loan deal for Felix to join Barcelona. Interestingly, the proposed contract might contain a buy option, adding another intriguing dimension to this potential transfer.

How much Barcelona has to pay for Joao Felix?

The report delves into financial specifics, suggesting that Barcelona might need to part with up to €25 million to secure Felix’s services on a one-year loan. This hefty sum excludes the additional cost of potentially buying the player outright at the end of next season.

This €25 million figure factors in the loan fee demanded by Atletico Madrid. As context, the Spanish giants required an €11 million loan fee when Chelsea borrowed Felix for six months earlier this year.

Extrapolating from that, Felix’s one-year loan deal could warrant a €16 million fee. These costs essentially account for the next season’s amortization.

"This Is What Barcelona Has To Pay" - Barcelona Has Been Informed The Price They Need To Pay For Joao Felix

Furthermore, the Blaugrana would need to shoulder Felix’s wages for an entire year. Thus, the total expense for Barcelona to host the Portuguese international for just one season could escalate to the aforementioned €25 million.

Given the financial implications, Barcelona’s pursuit of Felix might be a difficult feat. The reigning La Liga champions are not exactly in a position to splurge such substantial sums on a single-season loan.

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Will Joao Felix play for the Blaugrana?

Additionally, Atleti reportedly prefers Felix to play outside La Liga if he does leave. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Portuguese forward relocating abroad once again this summer.

All said, Joao Felix’s open ambition to don the Blaugrana colours, coupled with Atletico Madrid’s apparent willingness to facilitate the move, makes for an intriguing summer transfer saga. The potential financial and strategic implications of this transfer could significantly impact both clubs and the player’s career trajectory.

The next few weeks promise to be compelling as we watch this story unfold and discover whether Joao Felix will indeed make his dream move to Barcelona. Whether the Catalan giants are willing and able to foot the substantial bill remains to be seen.

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