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Is Bayern Munich Signing Frenkie De Jong In 2024 And For How Much?

Frenkie de Jong of Barcelona has generated a lot of talk lately. His future at Camp Nou has been brought back into focus by the club’s financial difficulties and the midfielder’s high pay. Some claim that should de Jong refuse to take a wage reduction, Barcelona may consider offers.

Bayern Munich has been brought forth often among the interested parties. Considering there were rumors of a summer squad makeover, they were eager to sign the 26-year-old player. Hold on tight, however; it seems the Bayern brass is second-guessing itself.

It seems from BILD reports (reported by AS) that Bayern Munich is now thinking twice before rushing in to sign Frenkie de Jong. Why are the feet suddenly cold? It seems that the Bayern squad plan is being reorganized overall. Thomas Tuchel’s exit has been announced, hence the team is looking for changes.

Is Bayern Munich Signing Frenkie De Jong In 2024 And For How Much?

When they presented the alternatives, however, de Jong didn’t exactly thrill the whole Bayern technical staff. Their vision doesn’t fully match him, not that they don’t perceive his talent. Bayern is, after all, looking for a top defensive midfielder. They want a back-bone player, while de Jong is more of an offensive midfielder.

For de Jong, what then lies ahead? Currently out injured, he won’t be playing for Barcelona for the remainder of the campaign. Rather, he hopes to make a comeback in time for this summer’s UEFA Euro. What does Bayern’s declining interest signify for his future, though?

De Jong has an extension with Barcelona till 2026. Barcelona may simply wave him off, however, if the appropriate deal comes up. They allegedly would be willing to let him go for a payment of between €70 and €80 million. The crucial question is, who else may be bitten if Bayern isn’t?

For de Jong, it ends a little abruptly. Though Bayern is backing off, Barcelona is keen to balance the books, so his alternatives may be limited. Anything may happen, however, in the capricious world of football. Everyone will thus be watching de Jong as the summer transfer window draws near to see how his next chapter plays out.

Rohit Sarkar
Rohit Sarkar
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