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[Barcelona News] The Step That PSG Took To Block Marco Verratti To Barcelona In 2017

Barcelona’s Pursuit of Marco Verratti: The Neymar Influence

Intriguing insights into a pivotal moment in football history emerge as we delve into the past of Italian midfielder Marco Verratti. The year was 2017, and the football world watched with bated breath as Barcelona sought to acquire the services of this talented player. However, the story took an unexpected turn, largely shaped by the charisma of Neymar and PSG’s persuasive tactics.

The Barcelona Temptation

In 2017, Barcelona had their sights set on Marco Verratti, envisioning him as a vital addition to their squad. Verratti himself was open to the prospect of joining the Catalan giants. It seemed like a match made in football heaven, but PSG had different plans.

PSG’s Strategic Intervention

Donato Di Campli, Verratti’s former agent, shed light on the situation, revealing the significant role PSG played in swaying Verratti’s decision. According to Di Campli, PSG’s primary motivation was Neymar. They were determined to keep Verratti in Paris, and they employed compelling tactics to achieve this.

The Locked Room Moment

When Verratti conveyed his desire to move to Barcelona, PSG took a drastic step. They metaphorically “locked him in a room” and made him an enticing offer. PSG promised Verratti the opportunity to play alongside Neymar, one of the world’s most renowned footballers. This promise held great sway over the midfielder.

Renewal of Contract

In addition to the allure of playing with Neymar, PSG sweetened the deal by assuring Verratti that they would renew his contract with terms tailored to his liking. This was a pivotal moment in Verratti’s decision-making process.

Verratti’s Decision

Ultimately, Marco Verratti chose to stay with PSG, influenced by the tantalizing prospect of partnering with Neymar and the attractive contract renewal offer. Di Campli, however, did not mince words, characterizing his former client as “a player without personality” due to this decision.

The Ripple Effect

Looking back, this decision had far-reaching consequences. Verratti’s extension with PSG meant that he continued to grace the Parc des Princes for years to come. Meanwhile, Barcelona redirected the funds they had earmarked for Verratti towards other acquisitions, including Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele.

Paulinho’s Arrival

Notably, as Barcelona’s pursuit of Verratti faltered, they signed Paulinho from Guangzhou Evergrande. This move, while initially met with skepticism, marked a significant chapter in Barcelona’s history.

In retrospect, Marco Verratti’s decision to remain at PSG in 2017, heavily influenced by the prospect of playing alongside Neymar, altered the trajectories of both clubs. Barcelona’s reinvestment in players like Paulinho, Coutinho, and Dembele, and PSG’s ability to retain a talented midfielder, showcased the intricate dance of football transfers and the lasting impact of persuasive tactics.

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This anecdote serves as a reminder of how a single decision can reshape the course of football history, leaving fans and pundits alike speculating about what might have been.

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