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Here Is Why Ousmane Dembele Left FC Barcelona Despite Loving Xavi

Ousmane Dembele, the forward for PSG, is having an impressive first season in the French capital. However, as he prepares to take on his former club Barcelona, whispers about his departure last summer resurface. According to Mundo Deportivo, Dembele’s decision to leave last year was influenced by a sense of lacking support from certain individuals at the club, with the exception of Xavi.

2022 still holds a lasting impression for the French winger. In the past, Mateu Alemany, the former sporting director, temporarily sidelined him and kept him in the stands because of contract renewal disputes. Dembele was worried about experiencing a repeat of last season if he didn’t renew his contract once more.

It’s quite a special night as Dembele comes face to face with his former teammates, particularly his former coach, Xavi, who has always been there for him. He looks back with nostalgia on his time at Barcelona, even though there were some challenges during the contract renewal process in 2022. Last summer, he said goodbye to Barcelona and signed a two-year deal with a €100 million clause, which was later reduced for a couple of months.

Here Is Why Ousmane Dembele Left FC Barcelona Despite Loving Xavi

Insiders have shared that Dembele still keeps in contact with Barcelona’s coaching staff, emphasizing the strong connection they developed while he was there. Dembele left to avoid a repeat of the 2022 debacle. Before leaving, he thanked Xavi and subtly alluded to less supportive individuals in the club.

He stated: “I decided to join PSG after a not-so-great incident in January 2022. I got in trouble for not wanting to renew my contract six months before it was supposed to end.” Dembele decided to seek new challenges, even with Alemany leaving and Deco taking over as director at Barça. He wanted to avoid any potential tensions.

Dembele reached his peak during his time at Barcelona, thanks to the guidance of Xavi. As they come together tonight, a whirlwind of emotions fills the air, blending happiness and a touch of wistfulness.

Rohit Sarkar
Rohit Sarkar
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