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Xavi And Barcelona Has Made A Big Decision On Joao Cancelo

One subject that hangs big as Xavi, Deco, and the rest of the Barcelona management gather to plan the team’s future is Joao Cancelo’s continuity. With great expectations of solving the team’s long-standing right-back problem, the Portuguese full-back was brought in last summer. He has thrived on the left wing, however, and has played there most of the season.

Despite early hope for his future at Barcelona, a string of poor performances has raised doubts about his position in the team once again. Events of late have highlighted this uncertainty. Cancelo’s lacklustre performances against PSG and Real Madrid have drawn criticism and sparked concerns about his future with the team, according to a recent MARCA article.

Xavi And Barcelona Has Made A Big Decision On Joao Cancelo

But Xavi and Deco don’t waver in their backing of the player, not even a little setback in his performance lately. They support giving Cancelo another season at the very least to establish himself. The road to guaranteeing Cancelo’s continuation is, however, hampered by his current Manchester City deal. Plans at Barcelona depend on the Premier League team’s choice on the player’s future. It’s said that Manchester City wants to sell Cancelo for between €25 and €30 million during the next summer transfer window. Barcelona now faces a conundrum as they work through the difficulties of obtaining his services. Though it could be a good idea, Pep Guardiola is not in favor of loan extensions.

Cancelo has strong arguments to support his stay on the Barcelona team despite the recent disappointments. First off, it says volumes that the management believes in Cancelo without reservation. Even with his recent setbacks, Xavi respects the player’s adaptability. Cancelo has shown he can play left side of defense in addition to being a reliable right back. The team benefits much from this flexibility.

Cancelo’s play also fits very well with Barcelona’s aggressive philosophy. His propensity to advance and support the team’s attacking moves gives the last third a new level of danger. Cancelo’s qualities are often sought after on a squad that values aggressive, purposeful play.

And Cancelo has said he wants to stay at Barcelona. He has stressed in recent interviews his commitment to the team and his commitment to play with its emblem on the field. Particularly in a time when player loyalty is often called into question, this feeling of dedication and loyalty is priceless.

Finally, there are strong reasons to keep Joao Cancelo in the Barcelona team even if his recent performance may have given some people second thoughts. Retaining him is worthwhile because of his adaptability, offensive ability, and dedication to the team. The choice on Cancelo’s future will surely be crucial in determining Barcelona’s course in the next seasons as the team negotiates the complexities of talks with Manchester City.

Rohit Sarkar
Rohit Sarkar
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